Beacon College was the first in the nation accredited to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities, ADHD and other learning differences. The College is committed to student success, offering academic and personal support services that help each student achieve his/her goals. Beacon College is truly a community, welcoming, accepting, and supporting each member of it.

As a young institution, with a small alumni base, the college is seeking support to further the mission of the institution without putting an additional burden on families already grappling with the cost of education.

Help Us Keep The Promise

Through our $12 million Beacon Promise capital campaign, we will further fulfill our commitment to providing a distinct learning environment where our students’ life stories are written: discovering the joy of learning, making good friends, developing self-confidence and gaining a vision for their future.

For more information about The Beacon Promise, please contact Beacon College’s Vice President of Advancement and Strategy, Rich Killion, at 352-638-9801 or