Beacon College participates in the following scholarship programs.

Beacon-Funded Programs

College-Funded Awards

Beacon awards annually renewable funds ranging from $1,000 to $22,000, based primarily on student need. No special application is needed to apply. Contact Beacon’s Office of Admissions or call 855-220-5376 for more information.

Bright Minds Scholarships

The rich achievements – and future aspirations – of students who learn differently often go unrecognized. We have created this scholarship to financially reward their successes and encourage their dreams. Beacon’s Bright Minds Scholarships recognize and reward college-bound seniors who have a diagnosed learning difference.

This scholarship is awarded to students in good academic standing who have a demonstrated interest in improving the world around them through their unique way of thinking, communicating, or overcoming obstacles. Students can be awarded up to $10,000 per year, up to a total of $40,000.


Beacon is proud to be among only 10 percent of colleges and universities nationwide to participate in Raise.Me, created to expand student access to higher education through financial aid. Students can earn up to $8,000 in annually renewable microscholarships while in high school. Learn more.

Professional Educator Scholarship Referral Program

By attaching a completed referral scholarship form from a professional educator at your high school with your application, you can receive a renewable $1,000 scholarship (up-to four-years of enrollment). Download a referral form here.

Pathway School Scholarships

Beacon has established Pathway School partnerships with leading high schools nationwide that serve students who learn differently. Students enrolling in Beacon from a Pathway School receive an automatic $10,000 renewable scholarship (up-to four-years of enrollment). Pathway Scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with Raise.Me or Professional Educator Scholarships. Interested schools can contact Beacon’s Office of Admissions or call 855-220-5376. Learn more.

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